Need Urgent Loan?  These are five types of asset that you can Pawn for quick funds

Pawn loans have become quite common in recent years. The absence of a credit check, no charges for no-repayment, and acceptance of wide range of assets as collaterals hav made them a popular chioce for those looking to get quick funds in their bank account. However, if you are new to the idea of pawnbroking and don’t know which assets are accepted for a quick loan, this blog is for you. Here is a list of the 5 easiest things to pawn to meet your unexpected financial requirements.

1.      Watches

A luxury watch is one of the most straightforward items which you can use as collateral to get a quick loan. Luxury watches can return a strong loan amount without the hassles of credit check. You can obtain a loan against most high-end watch brands including Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Omega, Breitling, Bulgari, Chopard, Franck Muller, Cartier, IWC, Richard Mille, Tag Heuer and Devon. To get the most accurate quote, you need to provide some essential details such as brand, model details, year of the watch, and whether it comes with box and papers and stating the condition of the watch. The experts at the pawn shop will evaluate the details to offer you the maximum loan amount.

2.      Gold

An asset that has always been a strong investment is gold. The value of gold fluctuates, but always essentially retains a core value, and it is very easy to unlock this value by pawning your gold. However, unless it is stamped and hallmarked, there are chances that the carat is not what you are expecting. To avoid any confusion, you can check the carat markings or companies like Unbolted can test the purity of gold without harming your assets by using an x-ray tester.

3.      Jewellery

Jewellery is the original portable asset. Antique or modern, designer or custom made, good quality high-end jewellery will always have a value which can be unlocked be careful assessment of the piece. Valuable materials such as diamonds, precious stones, silver and gold will always help with the value of the piece. Pawn shops always look for high value and good quality jewellery.  However, to know the exact amount of loan that you can get, it is necessary to provide some details such as the metal, stones, provenance, any markings or signatures and size and weight of the piece. A pawn shop will evaluate the jewellery along with all the information you provide and offer you a loan based on the value of the individual piece.

4.      Diamond

Gold might be attractive in general, but diamond market is another strong area which has intrinsic value. Diamonds are always in demand from a number of different markets, which is why a lot of pawnbrokers are more than happy to give you a loan against your diamond. However, certification is very important. To get the most value for your diamond, you need to provide certain details about the ‘Four C’s’- Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. This is shown on receipts from retailers, or insurance documents, but also on certificates from institutes such as the GIA and AnchorCert to the pawnbroker.

5.      Fine Art 

Make use of your investment pieces or wall decoration by depositing it securely with a pawnbroker to release funds from the piece. Pieces by artists with a strong auction record, interesting history or good visual appeal or rarity can be great items to pawn for a loan. These will be assessed by a market leading specialist, based on the artist, age, condition, medium, size, provenance, and overall rarity.

 Last Few Words

Those were the top five items that you can pawn to get an urgent loan. All you need to do is get in touch with a reliable pawnbroker in London such as Unbolted and the rest will be handled by our experts. Unbolted also lend against other types of asset, including cars, fine wine, handbags and antiques.Call our team for more information on 02035671300.



Unbolted Blog
22 May 2020
Unbolted Team