Better than a pawn shop

The Unbeatable Unbolted Loan

Our co-founders were surprised to discover the high interest rates individuals were paying when they borrowed against their assets. They knew that the top clients of private banks were being charged significantly lower interest rates than most people.

So they founded Unbolted to help people unlock the money tied up in their valuables at interest rates that are significantly less than the high street lender.

How can Unbolted charge less?

The same way Amazon, Google and all of the other modern business do it. They built the business today using the best processes and technology to make it is a simple and convenient as possible. And they added a peer-to-peer lending platform to make it even less costly to borrow against your valuables!

At Unbolted, we know the educated customer is our best customer. So we publish every month the comparable APRs* pawnbrokers quote on their websites. You can still check for yourself but we like to make it easy for our customers. Our representative APR is 49.2%.

That is why we also offer the Unbolted Guarantee. If you can find a better rate, we will beat it.

Comparison of Pawnbrokers

Representative APR as provided on website Pawnbroker Date of Information
162.54% Ramsdens 17 April 2018
155.8% Abermarle & Bond 17 April 2018
119.9% H&T Pawnbrokers 17 April 2018
148% The Money Shop 17 April 2018
101.64% Suttons & Robertsons 17 April 2018
69% Hopkins and Jones Pawnbrokers 17 April 2018
Not published New Bond Street Pawnbrokers 17 April 2018
Not published RPM Pawnbrokers 17 April 2018
Not published Fish Brothers 17 April 2018
Not published Prestige Pawnbrokers 17 April 2018

*A Representative APR is a financial service concept in which credit or loan interest rates quoted through advertising media are required to take into account all charges associated with a product, in addition to the interest rate.

The ‘standard information’ which will be included in a representative example includes:

  • The rate of interest – a fixed or variable percentage, applied on an annual basis
  • Any Total Cost of Credit (TCC) charges - details of any fees or charges included
  • Total amount of credit
  • Representative APR which must reflect at least 51% of business expected to result from the acommunication