Borrow against Jewellery

Need a short-term loan at a great rate? Your jewellery can get you one.

People have owned jewellery since the dawn of time. Adorning oneself with jewellery is second nature to us all. Jewellery holds and conveys deep symbolism - birth, sex, marriage, wealth, power, success. At Unbolted we grant loans against almost all high-value jewellery. You can turn your fine or modern jewellery into cash - and all inside 24 hours. It's a simple and sensible way to free up funds without losing your prized possessions.

Tell us about your jewellery

To offer you the maximum possible loan, we will first need some information:

  • Type of jewellery: Is your loan to be secured against a pair of earrings? A diamond-set ring? Maybe an earring and necklace suite?
  • Metal: Are your earrings/rings/necklaces set in platinum or 18 carat gold? Is the metal UK hallmarked?
  • Signatures: Is your item signed by a major jewellery house like DeBeers or Bulgari? These increase the value - as does offering an original fitted case.
  • Diamonds and gemstones: Are these certified by, for example, AnchorCert, GIA or Gubelin? The more 'Four C' (cut, colour, clarity and carat) knowledge we have, the better. We use Rappaport information combined with auction house expertise to guarantee the maximum lending amount.
  • Provenance. Any proof of purchase or documentation will assist us in obtaining the most accurate value.
Ready to apply? It's fast and simple.

For an instant loan against your jewellery just complete a quick online application. There you can upload a photo and description.. We'll make an initial assessment and indicative loan offer within hours. If you choose to proceed, you may ship your jewellery with our specially designed, fully insured Royal Mail programme. We will normally advance funds within 24 hours and you'll benefit from the lowest rates in the United Kingdom.

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Valuing a Diamond

Valuing Your Jewellery

We understand that to send a third party your most precious items is dependent on the confidence that they will be maintained in the manner you do and returned in exactly the same state.

We guarantee that during the entire period your jewellery is in our care including process of valuation, your items are handled as the precious treasures they are.

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Specialists in Jewellery

We partner with specialist jewellery auctioneers (such as Fellows) for valuing your jewellery.

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Storage and Shipping of your Jewellery

We care and protect your jewellery as the precious treasures they are. Depending on the item, they will be stored in an Unbolted secured facility or with a specialist third party.

You may use the special Royal Mail fully insured delivery program or drop the items off at the Unbolted office in the City of London or at one of Unbolted partner's locations.


How to Pawn your Jewellery

A Complete Guide to Pawning your Jewellery

The need for financial assistance is unpredictable and can arise at any time. You can always sell your valuable assets to get some cash, but jewellery can be sentimental, inherited pieces or heirlooms. In this case, the ideal situation is to release funds …

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Valuing and selling jewellery

Most of us are aware that when buying jewellery directly from a shop, the price we pay will be higher than if we purchased second hand, but how are these different prices for piece of jewellery set? And if we want to achieve maximum resale price where would be the best place …

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Using Art Deco jewellery to buy a new business laptop

What do you do when your child pours a bottleful of fizzy soda into your laptop - the laptop where you store all of your business accounts and client details?

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International Jewellery Show London Sept 6-8 2015

The International Jewellery Show is returning on Sept 6- 8 at the Olympia.

It is the leading show for the trade to see and acquire new collections.

You may want to speak with us to discuss how Unbolted will offer loans against assets to help your business grow.

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Egyptian Revival Jewellery

Egyptian Revival had its greatest influence over jewellery design and is reflective of the opulence of the Art Deco period. 

The emphasis of design influence started with Napoleon and his campaign in Egypt in 1798.  This  fascination with all things related to ancient Egypt was soon followed by the discovery …

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Cartier: The jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers

With major auction houses completing their wave of fine jewellery auctions, it was no surprise to see that Cartier lead the way in prices achieved on signed pieces. On May 15th, Sothebys auctioned a collection of privately owned jewellery featuring iconic pieces by Cartier. They included a magnificent diamond fringe …

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Investing in Jewellery

Annabel Zarandi, our Valuations Manager, blogs about investing in jewellery.

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