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Business stock finance

Get a secured loan and grow faster

Fast, flexible and affordable loans secured against your stock. We make bespoke arrangements for every client and you can continue to trade in your stock while they are secured with us. Unbolted will be your long term growth partner.

Personal bridge loans

Unlock the value of your assets

Whether it is a sudden acquisition opportunity, an unplanned financial requirement or a delayed maturity of your investment - you can use Unbolted to borrow against your luxury assets at affordable terms.

Auction advance loans

Don't rush it - use Unbolted

We partner with most well known auction houses and are able to advance 40%-50% of the auction reserve on your asset. No need to compromise - sell your assets at your pace. We do not take any commission on sale.

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Why choose Unbolted


Specialist expertise

Unlike the banks, we understand your business and your assets. We are built as a fiannce-technology business, but at our core we are specialists in luxury assets. Every member of our team has previous experience of working in auction houses, galleries and dealerships. We know the market, the trends, the specialists to go to and the solutions to use for professional handling of all assets.


Fast and easy process

We are a business built for the new digital age - with simple online processes that allow us to serve you quickly and efficiently. Our system runs on a bespoke inhouse platform that allows us to process loans and fulfil payments to you at high speed. You can log in to your Unbolted account at any time, 24/7, to see daily balances, agreement end dates and asset details.

no hidden charges

Fair and transparent

Our loan agreements are written clearly and transparently with all costs and interest charges clearly shown. We do not compound our interest charges and there are no hidden fees. Our goal is to be your long term financing partners and therefore aim to provide a service that works for you - at a cost that is affordable and with no surprises.


Unmatched reputation

We are proud of our hard-won reputation in the industry, as an innovative, technology driven, reputable financing business for luxury assets. We have completed over £35 million in loans to date and have strong relationships with leading auction houses, galleries, specialist insurers, specialist storage facilities and everyone else in-between. When you deal with Unbolted you benefit not only from our expertise, but also our extensive network of industry professionals.

Your Questions Answered

How much can I borrow?

Our loans typically range between £10k to £500k, however there is no maximum. Depending on the asset we generally lend between 50% to 75% LTV (loan to value ratio).

For how long can I borrow?

The standard loan term is 6 months - but our working capital finance solutions are built to be used as a long term drawdown facility. Most of our business customers have used our services now for many years at a stretch.

Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes, we do not charge early redemption penalties (for our standard agreements). Your interest is calculated daily and you only pay interest for the time you use our facilities.

Do you conduct any credit checks?

No. This is a secured loan against an asset. We only verify your identify to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and to minimise fraud risk.

Do you report any defaults?

No, we do not. If it is a personal loan, your obligation is limited to the asset you pledge. However, for business loans, we will follow up with you if the asset values not sufficient to cover all loan dues.

What happens if I cannot repay my loan?

We will start sale proceedings of the secured asset to recover your dues on the loan. If there is any surplus from the sale, after paying off the loan, it is returned to you by bank transfer.

How quickly can I receive a loan offer?

We aim to get you an indicative offer the same day for most loans of less than £250,000. Where the loan exceeds £250,000, we need to conduct greater due diligence on your business and/or need to consult an external specialist, it may take us a few days.

How quickly can I receive the money?

Your money will be transferred directly into your bank account within 1 working hour of your accepting the credit agreement, provided that your bank account is covered by the Faster Payments network.

Can I borrow against business stock?

Absolutely. We have many business customers who secure their stock with us and continue to trade them via bespoke arrangements with us. We will provide you with a monthly summary of interest on your loans which can be offset against taxable profits.

How can I extend the loan?

You can request an extension of an existing loan via email, after repaying all outstanding interest and charges, including the set-up fee that was added to your loan.

How can I repay the loan?

You can repay the loan by transferring money to our bank accounts. Please remember to quote the loan reference number on any transfer so that we can allocate the funds appropriately. You cannot repay the loan with the use of a card or cash.

How do you maintain privacy?

Lenders on our platform only get to see a summary of the assets they are lending against. We take care to ensure that we do not publish any details which can reveal the identity of the borrower and we never share any asset images.

What does the valuation reflect?

Our loans are based on a percentage of the realizable secondary market value as determined by experts in your particular asset. This value will be different to the original purchase price, your sale price or any insurance valuations you may have received.

Do I have to pay anything for the valuation?

No, the valuation is free. There are no charges to pay if you do not proceed with a loan. If you proceed with the loan, there is a set-up fee payable upfront which covers all valuation costs.

Do you value assets in house?

While we conduct our own initial research and for some asset classes, are able to value in-house - more often than not we are asked to secure on assets that need specific narrow expertise. In such cases, we reach out to our network of industry specialists.

Can you provide me a quick valuation in your office?

Whenever possible, our expert valuer will meet you at the scheduled appointment time and attempt to give you a valuation in your presence. However, this may not always be possible for logistical reasons and for items where we need external opinion.

How quickly do you confirm a final valuation?

In most cases, within a few hours of receiving your asset, where we are taking possession. We may take longer if we need a second opinion from an external specialist.

Why don’t you accept insurance or other valuation certificates?

We would certainly take into consideration any additional information that you provide us. However, our specialists will always assess the item independently using their expert knowledge and current market databases.

How do you look after my assets?

We have our own highly graded secure vaults where we store all easy to handle assets. Fine art, wine or classic cars are stored with specialist storge facilities (e.g. Martin Speed). All asset are fully insured while in our care.

How can I see details of my assets?

The full details of all your loans, secured assets and any photographs are available to view on your Unbolted account, which you can access via your unique online log-in. You can also view up to date loan balances and statements.

Can I swap the assets on a loan?

Yes, at discretion and by prior agreement we can allow swap over of assets of the same value. We have many dealer clients who operate in this way and indeed dial the loan value up or down depending on their business requirements.

Can I collect or deliver my assets myself?

Absolutely, we love seeing our clients face to face but please note that all visits must be by prior appointment. We will also only take delivery of assets that we can handle and store in our own vaults.

Is it safe to send valuables by courier?

Yes and in all cases, we arrange adequate insurance cover. For larger and specialist items we will arrange for specialist logistics handlers, but for smaller items of value less than £25,000 - you can use Royal Mail's special delivery service.

How are my assets returned to me?

In most cases, we will return your assets through fully insured courier or specialist logistics companies as required. If your assets are stored in our vaults, and if you so wish - you may come and collect your items by prior appointment.


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