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If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold to recover the debt.

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Secured peer-to-peer loans with 10.5% net returns.

Remember with peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk.

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Reissued retro - the new cool!

On the 25th December 1969, the mechanical watch became obsolete when Seiko launched their first commercial quartz wrist watch. Nearly 50 years on and that obsolete technology is in remarkably rude health, and a cursory glance at the new watch launches of the last few years would make you think you had stepped back in time.

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A watch collectors guide to investing in new watches

In the autumn of 2017 a world record was broken. A wrist watch sold publicly at auction in New York for $17,752,500. The auction house that conducted the sale was Phillips de Pury - Bacs & Russo. The sale of this watch made big headlines in re...

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Peer to peer lending improves financial access and fosters economic inclusion.

Whether peer-to-peer lending is set to disrupt the banks or whether they will just be another customer acquisition channel for the banks is a hotly debated topic. The truth of the matter is that the assumptions underlying this debate are misplaced...


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