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If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold to recover the debt.

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Secured peer-to-peer loans with 10.5% net returns.

Remember with peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk.

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Expert Tips on Watch Buying

All watch brands with a very few exceptions will depreciate immediately after purchase. There are a few such as the grand complication Patek Philippes which are in such short supply and high demand that they can immmediately be sold for a profit.

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The rise in lending and borrowing against art

When Skate's Art Market Research took another look at the art market last year, the findings were striking: the art-loans book was on course to grow to over $10 billion, easily twice the level of art lending found by Skate's when they last analyse...

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Peer to peer lending improves financial access and fosters economic inclusion.

Whether peer-to-peer lending is set to disrupt the banks or whether they will just be another customer acquisition channel for the banks is a hotly debated topic. The truth of the matter is that the assumptions underlying this debate are misplaced...


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