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The Luxury Focus

Cash, Cheque or Rolex..?

A Rolex is recognised as valuable and desirable even in the remotest parts of the world. Urban legend is that special forces members wear steel Rolexes as emergency tradable community, but a more modern take is the practise of buying a sought-after model to take abroad instead of carrying cash.

Unbolted Blog

Online Pawnbroking vs Traditional Pawnbroking

Online Pawnbroking vs Traditional Pawnbroking   The concept of lending funds against assets has been recorded as early as the 5th century in China where pawnshops often formed partnerships with monasteries as they were exempt of paying tax. Then…

Founders' Blog

Peer to peer lending improves financial access and fosters economic inclusion.

Whether peer-to-peer lending is set to disrupt the banks or whether they will just be another customer acquisition channel for the banks is a hotly debated topic. The truth of the matter is that the assumptions underlying this debate are misplaced. …


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