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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you conduct any credit checks?

No. This is a private loan against a personal asset. We only verify your identity electronically to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and minimise the risk of fraud. However, if it’s not possible to verify your identity electronically, we may ask for copies of physical documents.

What happens if I cancel the loan within the first 14 days?

If you cancel the loan within the first 14 days, you will need to pay the daily interest calculated on your loan for the number of days you have borrowed for. We will refund the set-up fee that covers the costs incurred for valuation. We do not charge any additional fees.

What is standard loan term?

Our standard loan term is 6 months. You can apply for an extension of one term (another 6 months) by paying off all accrued interest charges, set-up fees, and any depreciation in the value of the asset.

How much can I borrow?

The minimum loan amount we can provide is £500. There is no maximum borrowing limit.

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About Us

Unbolted is part of the financial technology revolution. Established in 2014, it is an online lending platform that allows you to borrow against your personal assets at market leading interest rates – quick, easy and discreet pawn loans.


You can apply in minutes from the comfort of your home or office, using your computer or mobile device. Unbolted will make you a pawn loan offer within two hours, wherever you are. Partnering with a range of auction houses and dealerships, Unbolted has access to leading specialists for quick accurate pawn valuations. Unbolted offer market-beating pawn interest rates by operating an efficient online platform. Terms are transparent and easy to understand, and borrowers will always have someone on hand to discuss their application for pawn loans.


Getting the asset to Unbolted is simple: insurance is covered if you choose to post your valuables, or you can visit our discreet office based in the City of London. There are no forms to fill out or paper trails to keep track of, contracts are signed simply and securely online, and the funds are transferred to your bank account within minutes.

Here's how it works

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Upload photos of your asset and receive your loan offer within 3 hours.

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Send Asset

Send your items to us by next day courier. Fully insured by us.

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Receive Money

Accept the loan offer and receive your money within minutes.

If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold.


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