Better than any pawn shop

Lowest Interest Rates. Guaranteed

Attractive Loan Amount

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Better than any pawn shop

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Lowest Interest Rates

Borrow from Unbolted at the lowest interest rates in the country

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Attractive Loan Amount

Unbolted offers up to 80% of the value of your asset with no upfront deductions

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As Easy As Amazon

You can complete the entire process from your home or phone

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At Unbolted we offer an attractive asset-backed loan.

A fast and secure online alternative to your local pawn shop. Borrow against your gold, jewellery, luxury watch and other valuables from the comfort of your home, using your mobile, desktop or tablet device.

Why is Unbolted better than your local pawn shop?

Significant advantages compared to traditional pawnbrokers.
  • Much lower interest rates. Guaranteed.
  • Fast online process. Apply from home or on the go.
  • Transparent loan terms. No early repayment charge.
  • Expert valuation process by some of the best auction houses.

The lowest interest rates on pawn loans.

Unbolted is committed to bringing the cost of borrowing against your assets down.

The Unbolted advantage is clear - our interest rates are less than half of what other high sreet lenders charge. However we encourage you to compare.

as on 17 October 2019 UNBOLTED Prestige Pawnbrokers Suttons & Robertsons H&T Pawnbrokers
Loan amount received £2000 £2000 £2000 £2000
Set-up fees £60.00 -- -- --
Monthly interest rate 3.50% 6.90% 7.00% 8.99%
Monthly nterest cost £72.10 £138.00 £140.00 £179.80
Total cost - 6 months £492.60 £828.00 £840.00 £1078.80
APR 55.3% 99.9% 101.6% 155.8%

A saving of £335.40 over six months.

Representative Example: Total credit: £4000. Set-up fees: £120. Loan term of 6 months. Annual Interest rate: 37.2% (fixed). Interest for 6 months: £766.32. Amount repayable in one installment: £4,886.32. Representative APR: 49.2%.

Minimum APR: 18.8%. Maximum APR: 63.1%.
All loans are for a fixed term of 6 months. You can repay early at any time without penalty.

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold.

lowest cost

Attractive loan amount.

We lend up to 80% against the value of your assets.

Being digital means we have lower overheads and being a peer-to-peer lending platform means we have hundreds of individual lenders who are looking to lend their money to you instead of keeping it in a savings account. They are competing for your loan which helps to keep the costs down.


Borrow against your valuables from the comfort of your home or office.

Apply for a loan from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

All you have to do is upload a picture of your item, describe it, apply for a loan, and you receive an indicative offer. There is no need to visit any pawnbroker.

If you are interested in completing the loan, either send us the item by courier (fully insured by us) or bring it our offices in the City of London. When we receive the item the next day, we will confirm the offer and you can then sign the loan documents using our easy electronic process.


Fast online pawn loans.

Receive your loan within 24 hours.

Unbolted is a business purpose-built for today. We did not have to make any compromises on staff, technology or premises. We found the best investors, the best personnel and designed the most easy-to-use processes and technology.

Follow our easy sign-up process and complete your application to receive a no-obligation offer in hours.

no credit footprint

No Credit Footprint. Ever.

A private and confidential transaction

Privacy is at a premium in the world we live in. At Unbolted, we understand that there are some decisions that should be yours alone – such as whether or not you have unlocked the value hidden in your assets.

We do not perform any credit check or report any failure to repay. We will not affect any affordability calculations. Ever.

Unbolted fully complies with all anti-money laundering regulations. Read more about the benefits of taking a secured loan with Unbolted.