Borrow against Classic Cars

Take a short-term loan against your classic, prestige, or vintage car.

Classic cars are works of art. They are reminders of an age where designs were first sketched out with a pencil and paper and captured an almost impossible vision of what a machine could be. They were inspirational if not transformational. They were not encumbered by regulations and restrictions but were of an earlier time where the automobile itself was a wonder. They are a distant relation of the soulless cars of today where automation and fuel efficiency drive design. With a classic car, the engine remains an untamed beast, a mechanical wonder that is exposed to the naked eye not sealed in a unit hidden from view and only accessible through a computer. At Unbolted, we understand what your classic car means to you and that is why we work closely with hands-on enthusiasts and specialists valuers.

Important information for determining value
  • Ownership history: How long have you owned the vehicle and what do you know about its prior history? Is there an interesting and verifiable provenance associated with your car? Perhaps a celebrity was a prior owner?
  • Condition: How would an objective viewer assess the condition? Are there any marks or damage?
  • Restoration: Has there been any restoration work? If so, when and by whom?
  • Maintenance: Do you have the service history?
  • Registration: The V5C document will be held by Unbolted along with the car for the duration of the loan.
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For an instant loan against your classic car just complete a quick online application. There you can upload photos, a description and any other supporting documentation. We'll make an initial assessment and indicative loan offer within hours.

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Valuing a Diamond

Valuing Your Classic Car

We understand what your classic car means to you - emotionally and financially. Whether it is the only car of its model left or one of many, we will ensure a fair and transparent process of valuation takes place.

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Specialists in Classic Cars

We work with independent classic car specialists as well as classic car auctioneers nationwide, from Sothebys RM, Bonhams to Barons Auctioneers. We will use the right specialists depending on the value and type.

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Storage and Shipping of your Classic Car

We understand the importance of proper care and protection of your classic car in transit and in storage. We can arrange for bespoke levels of car storage to match your existing arrangements. We use specialists in classic and luxury car transportation to guarantee that your vehicle will arrive at its destination on time and in the condition that it was collected in.


How to turn a Ferrari into a lifeboat station

How to turn a Ferrari into a lifeboat station

The sale of two rare Ferraris has helped fund the purchase of the new Pwllheli lifeboat house.

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The classic car market in 2015 and 2016

If you’re exploring our website with a view to borrowing one of our secured asset loans, you’ll quickly see that, at peer-to-peer lender Unbolted, we seek to be as versatile as possible in the range of high-value possessions we include as collateralisable assets. Your creditworthiness is of no interest to …

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H&H Classics Introduces Unbolted Financing Options for Buyers

For the first time, H&H Classics is offering the chance for UK buyers to finance a significant portion of the estimated value of their desired classic car or motorcycle.

The upcoming H&H Classics Donington Park Auction, powered online by Proxibid, gives collectors the opportunity to bid on great classic cars …

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The London Classic Car Show 2016 and Unbolted

As usual H&H Classics will bring along some motoring magic to the London Classic Car Show which takes place at ExCel London on 18 – 21 February.

H&H Classics stand, number C170, will have a number of exciting cars on display. The first to be revealed is a special 1961 …

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H&H Classics, the Car Auctioneer, partners with Unbolted

Leading classic car auctioneer H&H Classics have struck a finance deal that will allow auction consignors to access a significant portion of the value of their car or motorcycle well in advance of sale.

The supply agreement with Unbolted, a peer-to-peer lending platform, creates a sale advance facility providing up …

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Personal Assets Can Help Small Business Owners

Imagine you’re Will, now five years into your small business, manufacturing quality PVC doors. You’re profitable, you have ten employees, and you’ve had an extraordinarily busy run-up to Christmas, with a welcome glut of customer orders coming in. That’s involved a significant uptick in costs, with additional expenditure on materials …

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Using a classic motorbike to settle post-Christmas financial woes

This is the time of year when many of us aren’t simply pledging to shed some of the extra weight we’ve accumulated over the festive season. There are some other pounds we’d rather be without, too – the ones we’ve accumulated on our credit card bills.

There may be an …

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Forget Gabriel’s oboe: it’s Gabriel’s E-Type that saved Christmas

What do you do if you’re a highly successful partner in a prestigious City law firm and you need £35,000 fast, despite a hefty mortgage and eye-watering private school fees for your two children? This is the predicament that Gabriel found himself in this year: married to Jessica 25 year …

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Christmas on a private island with value unlocked from a classic Jaguar.

Jacob needed to so something special for Christmas. Now in his mid-fifties, he’d built a small but successful corporate video production company. All was going well – he’d landed a lucrative gig filming a series of employee communication videos for a leading brand - when suddenly, his wife of 35 …

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How a classic car saved Daniel’s bacon

Daniel is at last recovering, physically and financially, after an exceptionally difficult year. A 37-year-old IT contractor, disaster struck late last year. During a skiing holiday, he had an accident on the slopes which resulted in several fractured ribs and a pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

Unable to work for eight weeks, …

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Keeping Us in the Loop

Jaguar’s first family sports car, the F-PACE, has defied gravity by performing a Guinness World Record-breaking, largest-ever, 360 degree loop-the-loop. The F-PACE was driven with daring precision by expert British stunt driver Terry Grant, considered one of the all-time greats of stunt driving, who withstood extreme forces of 6.5G as …

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Restoration Project

County Durham-based business Furniture Clinic has completed a restoration project with kerb appeal - a stunning Mercedes Gullwing replica, believed to be one of just two in the world.

The company was called on to restore the extremely rare and valuable 1:1 scale replica Mercedes Gullwing back to its former …

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The emergence of classic cars as an investable asset class

Over the last decade, prices of luxury assets have increased significantly. In fact, the rate of return on luxury assets has outstripped the return on many conventional asset classes. For example, the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index has risen by 205% in the past decade. However, even within the universe …

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