How Unbolted helps secure a transatlantic Hockney deal

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Unbolted helped a collector secure profits on a David Hockney work

Background: The individual collector with connections in the US noticed a great demand for Hockney works recently and an opportunity for profit. He had access to more works but lacked liquidity to acquire them.

The Unbolted Solution: Unbolted have provided £180,000 worth of loans against the client’s collection of modern prints including David Hockney and Harland Miller. The deal was funded within 24 hours of the art being delivered.

What the Client Says: “I had a ready buyer via a US gallery for some Hockney Art. There was a fair profit in the deal that I could plough back into my collection but I just didn’t have the funds up front to buy the piece in the first place. The Unbolted facility came just in time otherwise I would have missed out.”