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Bidding during a pandemic - is online only the new normal?

In the beginning of 2020, most of the world went under lockdown because of the Corona virus outbreak. Galleries and auction houses had to close their…

A Guide to appraising and pawning English antique silver

When it comes to antique silver the first step anyone needs to take, whether appraising or valuing, it is to clean it. It may sound strange, however …

How to Invest in a Future Classic Car

Investing in a Classic Car can be one of the most rewarding asset classes to put your money into. No longer will your funds be hidden away in a bank …


Can gold be a good investment? Gold is unarguably a perfect metal for designing jewellery; the most obvious reason being the colour, but also as it…

To set or not to set? What to consider when acquiring an aftermarket Rolex

You have purchased your Rolex watch – now what? Whilst some are happy to simply keep their newly acquired timepiece as it is, others go one step furt…

A Brief Guide to Pawning Your Classic Car

Classic cars have their charm and value. However, they may not be your everyday run-around, or even used for whole seasons when the weather isn't app…

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Expert Tips on Watches

All watch brands with a very few exceptions will depreciate immediately after purchase. There are a few such as the grand complication Patek Philippes which are in such short supply and high demand that they can immmediately be sold for a profit.

Reissued retro - the new cool!

On the 25th December 1969, the mechanical watch became obsolete when Seiko launched their first commercial quartz wrist watch. Nearly 50 years on and that obsolete technology is in remarkably rude health, and new watch launches are stepping back in time.

Cash, Cheque or Rolex..?

Urban legend is that British special forces members travel to remote parts of the world with steel Rolexes as emergency 'tradable community', but a more modern take on the "Rolex as currency" is the practise of buying a sought-after model to take abroad instead of carrying cash.