Unbolted Indicative Loan Offer

Dear Customer

Thank you for your loan application. Unbolted has now obtained a specialist valuation of your asset and is pleased to offer the following loan for a 6 month duration:

Credit amount received by you: £10,000
This amount will be deposited in your account within four hours of receiving the actual item*

Costs of the Credit:
Monthly Fixed Interest Rate: 2.75%
Monthly Fixed Interest Amount: £283.25
Setup Fee (added to the Loan): £300
Total amount you will have to pay after 6 months: £11,999.50
Total APR: 44.0%

No Monthly Payments
Unbolted does not require you to make any monthly payments.

Early Repayment
You may repay early at any time in full or part without paying any additional charges. You will pay interest only for the number of days that you borrow for.

No Upfront Deduction
Unbolted does not deduct the setup fee from the cash advanced to you, so you will receive the entire credit amount into your bank account.

How to Proceed
The next step will be to send your valuables to Unbolted. Please contact us at support@unbolted.com or 020 3567 1300 to select your delivery method.

Please login to your account by clicking HERE, to see the full details of the valuation. Your Pre Contract Credit Information document is attached to this email.

*Assuming that the item matches the description provided and does not require specialist authentication.

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