Earn great returns with zero fees

Invest in loans backed by assets held in pledge, and earn up to 10% per year

Remember with peer-to-peer investing, your capital is at risk.

As an Unbolted peer-to-peer investor you can choose the risk-return combination that suits you best. You may choose to invest in loans backed by the Gold Trust and earn 6.0% per annum or loans backed by the Provision Trust and earn 8.4% per annum or loans made to businesses and earn 9.6% per annum or a combination of all.

6.1 percent

Unbolted Gold Trust Loans

Protected for loss of principal and interest. Fixed interest rate of 0.50% per month.

8.6 percent

Unbolted Provision Trust Loans

Protected for loss of principal. Fixed interest rate of 0.70% per month.

8.6 percent

Sale Advance Loans

Low LTV and short duration loans. Fixed interest rate of 0.70% per month with minimum interest payment of 3 months.

9.8 percent

Business Loans

Collateralised with pledged stock and covered by a personal guarantee from the Director(s). Fixed interest rate of 0.80% per month.