Remember with peer-to-peer investing your capital is at risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns and we cannot guarantee that security on the loan will cover full capital and interest.

Invest in loans secured by luxury assets - earn up to 10% per annum

Gold Loans - earn 8% pa

Earn 0.65% per month, paid semiannually

Loans secured against pawned gold or silver assets - the traditional pawnbroking loan completed online. Easy to value and easier to sale on default. Loans completed at 70%-80% of the bullion value of the underlying asset.

Standard / Business Loans - earn 10% pa

Earn 0.80% per month, paid monthly to semiannually

Loans made against all other luxury assets (watches, diamonds, cars etc). Conservatively valued and carefully underwritten. For higher value assets we perform additional due diligence and ask for monthly interest payments. On business loans we also take director PG.

Working Capital Loans - earn 10% pa

Earn 0.80% per month, paid monthly

Loans made to dealers of used luxury watches, secured against revolving stock held in Unbolted's possession. Interest is collected by direct debit monthly. These are long term working capital financing requirements.

Bespoke Loans - earn 9% to 12% pa

Earn 0.75% to 1% per month, variable

Loans made on bespoke terms to carefully vetted borrowers. For example this may include loans made against business assets secured with a charge registered in the companies house. We do not make any auto-lend allocations on such loans.