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Personal Asset Bridge Loans

Individuals and businesses have been borrowing against their assets for thousands of years. However, in recent years only the affluent clients of private banks have had the ability to obtain favourable loan terms when borrowing against personal assets. Unbolted now offers everyone the ability to borrow against their personal assets at reasonable interest rates.

sale advance loans

Sale Advance Loans

Unbolted is able to arrange between 40% to 50% of the auction reserve of your luxury assets. We partner with some of the most well known auction houses and are able to unlock most of the value of your asset prior to its actual sale. We do not take a commission on the sale of your item.

Bid Now Pay Later

Bid Now, Pay Later Loans

When you see that exceptional item at an auction, you do not want to be concerned with the timing of payment, maturity of investments or any other liquidity issues. Bid with confidence at auction and secure the item with an Unbolted Bid Now, Pay Later Loan.

Unbolted will advance up to 70% of the hammer price as a loan to you to secure the purchase of the item.

Bespoke loan solutions

Small business loans

Where the high street banks are unwilling to lend, Unbolted can help by unlocking the value of your business stock or personal assets. Unbolted can offer you a bespoke solution based on the needs of your business.

We understand that every business is unique and we work with you directly to design the most appropriate solution. We have helped businesses as varied as watch resellers to car hire companies secure their working capital requirements.

Find out how Unbolted has helped small businesses similar to yours.


Better than a pawn shop

An Unbolted asset backed bridge loan offers significant advantages:

  • Significantly lower interest rates.
  • As easy to use as Amazon.
  • Transparent loan terms. No up-front deductions.
  • Expert valuation process by arms length auction houses.

The Unbolted advantage is clear. However, we encourage you to compare.