Auction advance
Get cash now - sell later

Get 40% to 50% advance

Affordable terms

No Commission on sale

Auction advance
Get cash now - sell later

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Get 40% to 50% advance
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Affordable terms
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No commission on sale
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lowest cost

Get cash advance now.

Why wait?

You will receive a significant portion of your expected sale proceeds immediately even if the sale is not scheduled for weeks or months.

Unbolted will advance between 40% to 50% of the reserve price of the item as a loan against the expected sale value, with no additional liability on you.

Sell your assets through your preferred auction house at the right time. No rush.


No Commissions charged by Unbolted.

Attractive Loan Amount

Unbolted does not charge a commission on the value of the sale at any stage. It is your asset and we only charge interest and fees on our loan.

lowest cost

Low interest rates.

Representative APR: 33.1%
  • You pay a flat monthly interest rate on the loan amount.
  • There is a minimum charge for three months, that is you will pay three months interest if the item is sold anytime within three months and an arrangement fee.
  • If the item is sold after three months, you will pay interest for the actual number of days the loan is outstanding for.
  • No other charges or fees.

Easy Process. From the comfort of your home.

Simple online process.

If you are selling an item through our partner auction house, all you have to do is ask them to contact us with details of the item you are selling.

We will ask you to register with us online and we will send you the loan documents to sign using our easy electronic process.

Once you sign the agreements, we will transfer the funds to your account the same day.



Loan disbursed in minutes.

Unbolted is a business purpose-built for today. We did not have to make any compromises on staff, technology or premises. We found the best investors, the best personnel and designed the most easy-to-use processes and technology.

no credit footprint

No Credit Footprint. Ever.

A private and confidential transaction

Privacy is at a premium in the world we live in. At Unbolted, we understand that there are some decisions that should be yours alone – such as whether or not you have unlocked the value hidden in your assets.

We do not perform any credit check or report any failure to repay. We will not affect any affordability calculations. Ever.

Unbolted fully complies with all anti-money laundering regulations.

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Your Questions Answered

I haven’t done this before. How does it work?

The process from instructing the sale to the loan is very simple. Once you have chosen one of our partner auctioneers to sell your assets and agreed the sale-price estimates, completing the loan is just a matter of signing the sale instruction and loan documents. All you need to do is ask your chosen auctioneer to contact us on your behalf.

What happens if the items are not sold?

If the items do not meet the reserve price and you do not wish to accept any underbids, you can chose to repay the sale advance loan and cancel the sale instruction. Alternately we will place it on sale again with a lower reserve at a future sale. We reserve the right to decide the reserve price and the auctioneer for all such subsequent sales.

How much interest will I pay each month?

There is no interest to pay on a monthly basis but the whole amount is deducted against the sale proceeds, when the assets are sold. Our interest starts start from 1.5% per month. There is a minimum charge for three months.

Can I change my mind on the sale?

Yes, absolutely. You can repay the loan amount along with any outstanding interest and cancel the sale instruction at any time. You will also be liable to repay any charges already incurred by the auctioneer in preparing your assets for sale.