Lend against luxury assets - lower risk, higher returns!

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£5m+ in interest paid

Over £5 million in interest paid by borrowers on the platform.

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Proven recovery process

Over £1.5 million recovered through sale of assets.

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Assets held in possession

Loans are secured by luxury assets held in Unbolted's possession.

Remember that your capital is at risk with no FSCS protection. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns and we cannot guarantee that security on the loan will cover full capital and interest.

Unbolted - lower risk, higher returns

secured p2p lending

Secured loans - earn up to 10% pa

Unbolted is a peer-to-peer lending platform with a difference - lower risk with loans secured by pledged assets held in its possession; and Unbolted's recovery records on defaulted loans speak for itself.

Auto Lend

Auto Lend

Unbolted’s Autolend is our solution for easy investment and risk diversification for the time constrained lender. Most of our loans on the platform are fully distributed through automatic lending instructions.

p2p lending

Working capital loans - earn monthly interest of 0.80%

Unbolted finances the working capital requirements of dealers of luxury assets. Loans are secured against a revolving group of stock held in Unbolted's possession, with interest paid monthly on them. Besides the security of the assets, we also monitor the financial health of the business on an ongoing basis.

self select lending

Sale Advance Loans

In partnership with auction houses, Unbolted advances 40% to 50% of the low auction estimate of an asset consigned for sale with an auction house.

safe and secure

What if Unbolted were to go out of business?

Our business is robust, but we have made arrangements for your loans to be serviced in the unlikely event that Unbolted ceases to trade. A third-party back-up servicer would take our place in servicing the existing loans.

  • The appointed back-up servicer is Resolution Compliance Ltd ("RCL"), which is authorised by the FCA to operate an electronic platform in relation to lending under firm reference number 574048.
  • While RCL is not authorised to hold client money itself, it is allowed to control client money if required. In the event that Unbolted ceases to trade, your funds will continue to be held in the segregated client money account held in our name but RCL will act as the administrator of the client account. It will receive any payments due from the borrowers into and make any payments to lenders from the existing client account.
  • RCL is authorised by the HMRC as an ISA Manager and would be able to take over the administration of the Unbolted ISA accounts. This means loans held within an Unbolted ISA account will keep their tax-free benefits.
  • RCL will continue to service and monitor the loans. It will:
    • procure payment of the debts due under the loan agreements;
    • enforce the rights under the loan agreements on behalf of the lenders;
    • receive payments in respect of interest and capital due from borrowers; and
    • make payments in respect of interest and capital due to lenders.
  • RCL will charge a quarterly fee for providing its services. This fee will not exceed any ongoing income receivable by us and RCL will not charge any additional fees.

Please also note that while a back-up servicer has a contractual obligation to service the loans, there will be some residual risks in the event of the insolvency of a platform.

  • the majority of balances due to lenders are those due from borrowers rather than from the platform operator itself. The lenders will not have any entitlement to any balances not yet received from borrowers; and
  • the back-up servicer will not have the same incentives as the platform operator in managing the performance of the loans. As such in an insolvency or wind-down scenario, redemption of assets or recovery on defaults may be negatively impacted resulting in lower realisation of balances due.
self select lending

Risk warning: No recourse to FSCS

Remember that with peer-to-peer lending, your capital is at risk. Peer-to-peer lending platforms are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).