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Silver has unique properties as an asset class and typically follows gold trends. It has been a form of money and store of value for more than 4000 years, although its role as legal tender in most countries ceased in 1935 when the use of the silver standard came to an end. We are able to offer loans against silverware, antique silver, silver coins, and bullion.

Bullion coins include US Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maples, and what is referred to as 90% Junk Silver. Numismatic coins are considered collectable and are mostly valued for their rarity, not their metal content. Please see Stamp and Coin Collections for further information. Pure silver is 100% and the Sterling Standard is 92.5%.

The popularity of silver pawning has allowed us to create an attractive silver loan.

  • Zero price risk. We hedge every single silver loan against a decrease in the price of silver. That means that the peer-to-peer lender is willing to make a lower return than against other assets and we pass that savings on to you.
  • 75% loan to value. Given silver’s unique properties as an asset class, we can lend more against every pound of silver than against any other type of asset. And we do – 75% every time.

Many pawnbrokers will offer to lend against your silver, however, they don’t offer the same services that we are uniquely positioned to provide. An established FCA regulated pawnbroker, we combine the specialist valuation expertise of auction houses and dealers with our custom developed pawnbroking software and an experienced operations team. Our peer-to-peer lending platform confirms loans quickly and guarantees an easy and confidential transaction.

Your Specialist Online Pawnbroker

Are you concerned about the interest rates and charges on pawn loans? Don’t worry. We operate differently to traditional pawnbrokers. We provide a simple and transparent online service, at an interest rate that is comparable to credit cards.

Instead of a shopfront, we have discreet offices based in the City of London. We use a simple online platform to process our loans, and then we pass the savings onto our borrowers, allowing us to offer the most competitive pawn loan interest rates. All you have to do is upload a picture of your item, describe it, apply for a loan, and you receive an indicative offer.

Borrowing against your silver is a simple and easy way to free up your funds – without letting go of your precious assets. Our loan terms are fair and transparent, and our small team is always at hand to answer any questions or discuss your loan.

How to Pawn your Silver

We provide a hassle-free process so you can quickly receive cash for your silver. You can apply for a pawn loan against your silver in three simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Upload photos of the silver that you wish to give as collateral. You will receive the loan offer within two hours.
  • Step 2 – Courier your silver to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery, or make an appointment to meet us in our discreet office in the City of London. You can also meet one of our specialists based around the UK. If you choose to post your items, we will cover the insurance during transit.
  • Step 3 – Once the silver has been carefully assessed in person, all you need to do is accept your loan offer. The funds will then be in your account within minutes.

Is Borrowing Against a Silver Right for You?

You might not have used a pawnbroker before or may be unsure of the process. The traditional pawn shop image of a valuer sitting behind a counter in a high-street booth is far from the reality with us. There are a wide range of benefits to a pawn loan, some of which you might not have been aware of. So, if you are unsure about the idea of borrowing against silver, here are the benefits:

No Tedious Paperwork – We know that your time is precious. That’s why our application process is online – quick and simple.

No Credit Checks – The security of a silver pawn loan does not depend on your financial history. As we are lending money against your assets, your credit score is not relevant to the decision to lend.

Spot-Free Credit Score – Even if you are unable to pay back the loan, your credit history will remain unaffected. We do not report any failure to repay loans and if you wish to walk away from the loan, we sell the assets and transfer the excess funds back to your account.

Easy Access – Receive 70% against the value of your silver simply by completing our hassle-free online application from the comfort of your home or office.

Discreet and Flexible – We understand that financial arrangements can require discretion.  We communicate only by email and phone with the named borrower, and we post items back in discreet unmarked packaging. Should you wish to make an appointment to meet us, we have an unbranded office in the City of London. We do not have a shop, so do not retail defaulted items.

Low-Interest Rates – We are committed to helping you get loans at the lowest possible rates. Our interest rates are less than half of what other high street lenders charge from borrowers.

To easily understand the interest rates we charge, we have prepared an indicative example of how they are calculated on pawn loans. If you have any questions about a loan, our small team is always at hand to help.

Representative Example: Total credit: £4000. Set-up fees: £120. Loan term of 6 months. Annual Interest rate: 40.2% (fixed). Interest for 6 months: £828.12. Amount repayable in one installment: £4,948.12. Representative APR: 53.0%.

Minimum APR: 18.8%. Maximum APR: 67.1%.

All loans are for a fixed term of 6 months. You can repay early at any time without penalty.

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold.

So, what are you waiting for? Unbolt your assets and release the funds tied up in your silver! Get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to pawn or sell silver?

When you find yourself at the crossroads of pawning and selling, it is always better to pawn silver at a reliable silver pawn shop. This is because you can get quick cash for silver without altogether losing your assets. Plus, you may lose out money with selling, which is not usually the case with pawning.

Why should I choose Unbolted for pawning my silver?

Unbolted brings you the combined expertise of man and technology which other silver pawn shops out there cannot. This is why you can get instant cash for silver at competitive interest rates and high loan-to-value with minimal paperwork and hassles.

How does your pawn shop determine the value of silver?

Unbolted offers cash for silver loans for both bullion and numismatic coins. As an FCA-regulated silver pawn shop, we use the combined expertise of experienced auction houses and a custom pawnbroking software to determine the value of your silver.

How quickly can I obtain my loan for pawning silver?

As compared to other silver pawn shops, we offer quick and easy pawn loans. After receiving images of your silver, we will make you a loan offer within the next two hours. And once your silver has been assessed in person, you can receive cash for silver within minutes or a maximum of two hours.

What is the interest rate for pawning silver?

Unbolted beats other silver pawn shops with our market-beating interest rates. The following example will help you understand our cash for silver loans interest rates – Total credit: £4000. Set-up fees: £120. Loan term of 6 months. Annual Interest rate: 40.2% (fixed). Interest for 6 months: £828.12. Amount repayable in one installment: £4,948.12. Representative APR: 53.0%.


Minimum APR 18.8%     Maximum APR 67.1%

How do I know if my silver is valuable for pawning?

Before you avail cash for silver from a silver pawn shop, you can figure out if it is valuable enough by running self-tests or approaching a reliable jeweller. The first test is to smell the silver as pure and Sterling silver do not have a distinct smell; however, the most effective is the acid test, something which a jeweller can do on your behalf.

How long does the contract run for?

With Unbolted as your silver pawn shop, you can get cash for silver for a fixed period of six months. You need to pay back your loan within this pre-determined time period.

How do I get my pawned silver back?

You can get your pawned asset back by repaying your cash for silver loan on time. In case you fail to do so, your pawnbrokers silver may sell your assets.

Will pawning silver affect my credit rating?

With Unbolted as your pawnbrokers silver, you need not fear affecting your credit rating. We do not run any credit checks prior to extending cash for silver loans; similarly, your current loan will not affect your future credit report in any way.

How does Unbolted compare to other silver pawnbrokers?

Unbolted outperforms all other pawnbrokers silver in the market with our exceptional service quality. Our interest rates on cash for silver loans are less than half of the standard market rates and our loan-to-value is as high as 70% as compared to the market standard of 50%.

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