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The best small business asset-backed loans in the UK

At Unbolted, our own experience informs us of the challenges that a growing business must overcome to succeed.

The high street banks are reluctant to lend to businesses without a track record. You have probably secured your initial funding from your own personal credit lines, your credit cards or even from family and friends. However, you may not have realised the value locked up in your personal physical assets or perhaps the stock of your small business.

Unbolted has been able to help a number of small business owners to reach the next level of success.

A sensible choice to help fund UK business
Unbolted is a mainstream financing alternative to property bridging loans, with comparable costs and faster turnaround times.

Case studies

Loan against garment processing equipment

Unbolted helped a fashion processing business to invest in new premises, by releasing funds quickly against their existing equipment. The valuation was completed within days and funds released within a week. No director guarantees were taken and the equipment remained in operation.

Loan against stock of an online watch dealer

Unbolted helped a watch dealer acquire new stock, by releasing 75% of the cost price of his existing watch stock within 2 days. The watches remained on sale through the online store and the loan is repaid once a watch is sold. Unbolted can also help in outbound logistics.

Loan to a handbag reseller against their stock

Unbolted helped a handbag reseller reduce their working capital cost, by repaying expensive business loans. Unbolted took a charge on some of the stock kept in storage and releasd liquidity. As the handbags on display were sold, the loan was repaid and stock released.

Loan against the fleet of a classic car hire company

Unbolted helped a classic car hire company borrow against its existing fleet of cars, for an opportunistic acquisition of additional cars. The cars remained as part of the hire fleet and the loan was completed within days through a 'bill of sale' / logbook loan construct.

Why is an Unbolted loan right?

lowest cost

Need bridge financing? Choose Unbolted

An Unbolted asset loan is a smarter choice over a property loan.

It offers a similar cost of borrowing but with lower risk, a faster processing time and greater flexibility. The advantags are clear:

  • Similar cost of borrowing
  • Faster processing
  • Increased flexibility
  • No risk of losing your home or personal investment

Art and Antique Collector or Dealer?

Unbolted offers Art Finance for all.

At Unbolted, we think that every collector and art dealer should have access to similar facilities for borrowing against their assets that is currently only available to the privileged few.

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